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Mary Espinoza - Gastric Bypass Testimonial

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Gastric Bypass Surgery – My name is Mary, back in 2010 I was informed I had to have a hysterectomy done. It was the only option to stop the obsessive bleeding and pain. Without insurance and no means of obtaining any insurance to have the procedure done I quickly opted to get on line and find out what kind of option I might have. I had a lap band procedure done a few years back in Mexico and wanted to know if it was a possibility to have a hysterectomy done also.. I searched a few sites ran across one that stated medtogo and that it was stationed out of Arizona and had a dr here from the United States that over looked a percentage of procedures done in Mexico to make sure they were meeting or exiting the quality of care we get here. I called and was happily greeted by Robert. He took his time to let me know what had to happen first and that he would send me a few options and quotes asap. I had my quotes and a list of three dr to choose from within a few hours. I took a few days to look over the option such as area, hospital, surgeons and experience. I choose to see a dr that had great qualification and had work in ob care for a very long time and had been doing laparoscopic surgery for many years. He was also a well known chief of staff of a hospital. Which helped me ease some of my concerns. As time came near I would here stories about people having things done in Mexico most of what was said was a bit scary. But I felt comfortable knowing that I was going to have a close eyes watched over me. I was one of the lucky patience that would have dr page and his son Robert in the area at the time of my surgery and dr page would be over looking my procedure. What a relief to know that they truly did shadow hospitals and dr to make sure their patience were truly getting the quality of care we all deserve Even though I was severely obese at the time the dr did his best to do the hysterectomy laparoscopically. And it was with success. The Dr voiced some concern about my weight possible being a issue but he still performed my surgery without having to open me completely up to remove my uterus. The Dr spoke good English and if there was anything that we weren’t able to communicate about Robert was a phone call away.

The hospital was washed down 2 times a day and keep extremely clean I have had 10 kids myself and I have had many hospital stays and know most procedures and what kind of care people receive after major surgeries with the line of work I’m in. I have been in and out of hospitals with clients and family many times. You do pay up front which is a small portions of what we would pay here in the US I saved aprox 20 grand plus. I made it home safe. Later was informed that the hospital was trying to get more than what they had quoted me for my procedure without medtogo behind me backing me up they would have tried to charge me another 9 thousand. Medtogo didn’t let this happen. They were willing to go all the way to court or whatever it took to protect me financially. I never paid another penny more than what I was quoted. Thanks to Medtogo and Roberts standing behind me.

After This about a year Later my I started having issue with my lab band causing me some pain and every time I had it tightened it caused me some issue I didn’t want to continue to have. My 17 year old son was also extremely obese and had been asking me about a gastric bypass his obesity was due to another major medical condition.

I got on the phone with Robert page at Medtogo and talk to him about my concern my son was young and I had to not only have the lab band removed I wanted to also have the gastric bypass performed on myself as well. He made it as easy as he did the first time arranged all the medical stuff gave me several options such as dr and hospitals to choose from and pricing. I picked Guadalajara for my # option so that my kids could visit someone close to them why we were there.

The hospital was very clean the staff was great. I worked with Dr Castañeda. And he was great he explained everything to us that would happen he also took his time to make sure any concern are quotation we had were answered. He was very compassionate and honest. My son had his surgery first a couple days before I had mine so that I could help care for him. The Dr’s English was good and again if there was anything I needed Robert would come to help me out with the communication or I could call him. I have been lucky enough to have Robert Page there when I have had my procedures. This isn’t something that always happens but I was lucky enough to be booked at the same time he was there Thanks to medtogo making sure things go as planed. One thing I would recommend is that if you don’t have a high tolerance to pain ask before hand to have extra pain meds added to your budget. I did also want to mention that the Dr. Castañeda came all the way to my apartment I had rented when I called him in pain saying I couldn’t handle it to make sure I was ok and bring me pains medication he was so sweet and so very compassionate it was amazing knowing I was in good hands. And it was amazing knowing I was being well taken care of. He also came to me and checked on me two more times after that so I wouldn’t have to travel in any kind of pain. I’m a big baby when it comes to pain. My son on the other hand handled it all with not much more than what was given to him for after care for pain. I couldn’t say more wonderful things about the dr’s that work with medtogo my friend also came with me to have a breast augmentation and arm lift and her Dr that I had meet with her came in and check on my son and I knowing that we were down there to have our procedures as well. And he also did a gorgeous job on her breast and arms. My plan is to return for plastic surgery sometime next year and I will not hesitate to use Medtogo again and a special thanks to Robert Page for being so good at what he does and so confidential and professional but yet so friendly.

S.Mary Espinoza

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