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Mercedes Otts - Hysterectomy Testimonial

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Hysterectomy Surgery – As residents of Arizona, having the MedToGo clinic nearby enabled us to handle all of our evaluations and follow up care with Dr. Page. Let me just say that the overall experience was terrific – especially on my wallet.

MedToGo charged us what they said they would, nothing more. The appointments were well managed and Dr. Page communicated to us everything we needed to know.

Because we were only a six-hour drive from Phoenix to Hermosillo we decided to drive. At first I was a little apprehensive, but everything went fine, beyond our expectations. We had no problems from police or border security, not one cross word. I was much more worried than I ever had to be.

The surgeon, Dr. Gonzalez (aka “Mr. Happy”) was a kind and friendly doctor, always with a smile on his face and always upbeat and optimistic. The surgery went very well – I was a little concerned at the beginning due to a lack of sensitivity, but the feeling came back pretty quickly.

The rooms were large and comfortable and included a flat screen television. Something you certainly don’t see in the US and wouldn’t expect here in Mexico. The guest accommodations were great too.

The only thing negative I can say is that there was one nurse we didn’t particularly love, but in general the nursing staff was excellent.

Thank you MedToGo as well as Dr. Gonzalez and his excellent staff!

Mercedes Otts

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