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Merry Farmer - Gallbladder Testimonial

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Gallbladder – Since the birth of my middle son, which was 22 years ago, I’ve been bothered by my gallbladder. I was hospitalized once for 8 days while the doctors got the inflation under control thru medication and diet. As the years passed by my gallbladder began to bother me more and more to the point that I couldn’t sleep on my right side and my activity level decreased until I was sedentary.

Every time I went to the doctor, they would examine me and tell me that the gallstones were not large enough to warrant gallbladder surgery. At that time I had HMO Insurance. Now at this time in my life I have no insurance and of course my gallbladder was still bothering me. Afraid that a stone could unlodge and go into the duct and then into my liver I decided to research having the surgery out of this country.

I interviewed several businesses that did medical tourism and settled on MedToGo. They gave me personal attention and satisfied all my concerns and the price was right.

For my surgery I chose to have the gallbladder surgery down in Puerto Vallarta at the Cornerstone Hospital with Dr. Juan Velazquez. The hospital was very clean and each patient has their own room. I was treated like a queen. Dr. Robert Page and his son Robert met me at the hospital to make sure everything was in order. Dr. Velazquez and most of the nurses spoke English but it was nice having Dr. Page interpret for me since I speak broken Spanish which made me feel more comfortable. I went down there by myself, Dr. Page and Robert were a great support system.

Dr. Flores told me after surgery that my gallbladder was completely impacted with fine sand. I am now pain free and I can sleep on my right side for the first time in years.

The doctors in Mexico are highly educated and Mexico is beautiful and affordable. I would highly recommend MedToGo.

Merry Farmer

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