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One Patient's View on Safety in Mexico

One Patient's View on Safety in Mexico

The following email was written by patient Susan Wilson’s husband, Sam, to his friends and family after he and Susan traveled to Hermosillo, Mexico for Total Knee Replacement Surgery.

Some of our friends and relatives asked us questions or made statements about our time in Mexico. Things like:
“That was brave (or foolhardy) of you to go where there’s so much violence and killing and poverty.”
“How could you feel safe where there’s so much killing?”
“With so much poverty around, what was it like avoiding getting robbed?”
“I’d be afraid to go to Mexico.”
“I hear so much about the killings in Mexico.”
“How could you feel safe in Mexico?”

We have always said we felt safer in Mexico than in many places around here. We said that almost all of the violence was drug related and if we stayed away from the drug areas, or even from the drug people, we never felt threatened. And our friends and relations usually seemed to listen to what we said and often gave at least me the feeling that they felt it was our naiveté that allowed us to feel that way. And this was because the US media continually bombarded them with stories of violence in Mexico.

Admittedly the following article was written by the real estate industry in Mexico for consumption by real estate sales people selling Mexican real estate and it is presenting fact in the most favorable light. But the facts that are presented in that article are still facts and most are true. We not only felt as safe in Mexico as in the US, we were probably safer than we knew, safer than when we visited LA or Oakland or San Francisco or Phoenix or Las Vegas. We were probably safer in Mexico than in Antioch.

The poverty in Mexico exists, and it is probably in greater numbers than in the US. But the poverty in Mexico did not seem to be accompanied by angry supposedly disenfranchised youth like in East Oakland, North Richmond, the Mission in San Francisco, Watts in LA, or the barrios in almost any large city in the US. In the US the gap between the haves and the have-nots seems to be getting larger and the middle class seems to be shrinking. In Mexico the middle class seems to be growing and the gaps, though not shrinking between the very extreme wealthy, they do not seem to be growing between the poor and the moderately wealthy.

The article is long, but I think it is worth reading. It shows that we were not only safe in Mexico, but that most of the time we were in an area of Mexico that was even better than Mexico as a whole.

Hugs – Sam

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