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Patrick Martin - Knee Arthroscopy Testimonial

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Knee Arthroscopy Surgery – I would just like to write a few words about my experience with Dr. Greig. From the time we arrived on Feb 6th 2011 until the day we left, the doctor and his staff provided some of the best communication I had ever received for a pre-op as well as post-op. I was picked up at the airport the day before my Knee Arthroscopy Surgery for a consultation with the doctor and dropped off at my hotel later that day

On the morning of the knee arthroscopy surgery I was picked up and brought to the hospital and prepared for surgery. The whole process was quite impressive from start to finish. I had a right knee miniscus repair done. The exceptional thing about this paticular surgery (and I have had 4 to date) was that even after the knee arthroscopy surgery there was no swelling and very little brusing.

I was walking on day two and getting around quite well on the fourth day. I was picked up at the hotel by alfred one of the doctor assistants (the nicest guy you could ever hope to meet ) and brought back to the hospital for a check up and re-bandaging on day three. It has now been 4 months post-op and every thing is going great. If I ever had to do any thing with my knees again, (insurance or not), I will be heading out to vist Alfred and Dr. Greig. (great job guys)

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Heila E. Gibb – Knee Arthroscopy Surgery Testimonial using MedToGo as my Medical Travel Facilitator

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Heila E. Gibb - Knee Arthroscopy Testimonial