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Preston Angel - Rotator Cuff Repair Testimonial

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Preston Angel - Rotator Cuff Repair Testimonial

Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery – My doctor here in the US told me I needed to have rotator cuff repair surgery. My wife and I looked at a lot of options. We were intrigued by the option of taking a surgical vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

I was a little apprehensive to go to Mexico, but after a couple phone consultations with Dr. Greig and Robert Page I felt quite confident. MedToGo was very reassuring and provided us with plenty of information.

MedToGo coordinated for us a beautiful, comfortable beach front room at the Krystal Hotel. When we arrived to Puerto Vallarta we were very impressed with Dr. Greig, Albert and the medical staff and were very well taken care of from beginning to end.

The surgery was painless and after one night of hospital stay, my recovery began. The doctor and physical therapist did follow-up visits until I was back on the plane to the United States. In the months since the surgery, everyone from the MedToGo coordinator to the medical liaison to the surgeon followed up with me to check on my recovery.

It has been 7 ½ months since my surgery and my shoulder is doing great. I still have a little pain, but every day my shoulder is getting better and I expect it to be painless soon as I continue to exercise. Up to now I’ve had no troubles.

In conclusion, I would recommend MedToGo, Dr. Greig and Puerto Vallarta to anyone. The experience was fantastic as I saved a lot of money. My entire surgery, flight, hotel and miscellaneous expenses together came out to 1/3 of the cost here in the United States.

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I looked at pricing at that point and looked at various other options and became aware of the MedToGo option through my relationship with the Page Family Practice. I did some price comparisons. There were significant advantages to the price, so I researched it in more detail and became comfortable over time with the option.

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