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Randy Beaver - Rotator Cuff Repair Testimonial

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Rotator Cuff Repair – December 9th, 2008

It has been seven weeks since i had my rotator cuff repair surgery. I have gained a lot of movement in my arm and am on a regimen of exercises…I have been able to finish a small leaded glass window working on commissions for a few hours at a time…I have very little pain and am healing quickly..and back to living in my tree house in the redwoods above Santa Cruz….

Over a year ago i slid down a trail and dislocated both shoulders. My right shoulder injury was severe and I had to work doing carpentry with a badly torn rotator cuff which gradually got worse and worse…I could not afford the surgery so I went for a year with the pain…thinking I had no options as I could not afford huge amounts of money it would cost for the repair.

It is stressful to anticipate rotator cuff surgery and it requires a leap of faith to trust your life to previously unknown persons…I did contact some other “Medical Tourism” websites for bids…There was one company which would pick me up in San Diego and whisk me across the border to Tijuana to a clinic there. They assured me that I needed no passport of visa for the ride…In my over active imagination I saw a ride in the trunk of a cab (and possibly being held for ransom) in my future itinerary..

To their credit, MedToGo, Dr Gregg and company are true to their word…I was amazed at the level of professionalism, Dr Gregg provided me with MRIs’ and X-rays at a fraction of what they would cost in the states. I was provided with complete computer printouts with photos of the MRI showing my injuries in detail and explaining the process…and pages of exercises for recuperation…

Unfortunately for me, i arrived in Puerto Viallarta with a crooky chest cold just taking hold, which began to rear its ugly head a few days after the operation…

The antibiotics tend to destroy my stomach after a few days and ultimately I ended up with acid stomach and ulcer like symptoms, which made it hard to eat…

My other problem was that i tried to save a few bucks and got a hotel on the Marina, which absolutely reeked of mold. The AC was not functioning and the strong cleaning product perfumes did little to cut the stench..

Needless to say it was not a fun week in recovery….But I did manage to LOSE 8 Pounds!

The only reason i mention my added physical problems is that when you are recovering from surgery you should consider bringing along a (Functional) traveling companion to help (finding sugar free yogurt to replace stomach flora)…. , dressing, showering , finding food, cooking, etc.

Food is a BIG deal…The last thing you need after rotator cuff surgery is to get some sort of stomach problems to add to your stress…I would recommend getting a room with cooking facilities so that you could buy at the Local supermarket (Very modern) and cook in your room…There are amazing restaurants all over town and the MedToGo guys might give you some good guidelines and tips for getting quality local food…

To sum it up…I have never had such a personable doctor as Dr. Gregg..He has excellent bedside manor. I was treated like a king, the hospital is nicer that any I have seen in the US..Small and new and state of the art…

Rotator Cuff Surgery was unaffordable for me in the US….I saved around eighteen thousand dollars compared to estimates for rotor cuff repairs in the US. I recommend MedToGo highly and would consult them again if needed…If you would like to contact me concerning MedToGo, I am at: [email protected]

Randy Beaver

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