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Raymond Albert - Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Testimonial

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I’m a 54 year old male with rather unattractive fatty upper lids and lower lids that are persistently puffy. I generally look tired even when I’m not. I’ve been wanting to correct this condition for over 10 years.

This started my search for a good and reputable plastic surgeon. Additionally, I’d worked 3 summers while going to college, at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center – Plastic Surgery Dept, so I sort of knew what to look for, and definitely what NOT to look for.

Because of high costs, I decided to give Medical Tourism a try. “Crazy talk”, according to my conservative friends and family. But I persisted. I tried several companies, but never felt quite confident I was doing the right thing. Saving money is one thing, but taking a risk is another. Eventually, I happened upon Robert Page, at MedToGo. For me the biggest factor was that Robert is himself in the Medical industry in Arizona, and his father and brother are also both practicing MD’s. Their opinions and ability to find good doctors internationally, made sense to me. I felt quite confident with Robert’s careful screening and selection of Dr Allan Ceballos.

The first thing that I noticed about Dr. Ceballos was his great attention to detail, and his wanting to be sure that everything was ok prior to the surgery. He insisted on the pre-op evaluation, and would not accept anything less than that. I really appreciated that he was so meticulous and maintained strict standards. I work in the hyper Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area, and am used to having my own way in negotiations, e.g. Dr. Ceballos recommended 7 – 9 days for recovery, but I insisted that I could not afford the time, and wanted to cut it down to 5-6 days – max! Dr. Ceballos was having not of that, and held firm. I was later to find that he will do nothing to jeopardize a patient.

Finally, I boarded the plane, and was chauffeured to the Puerto de Hierro Hospital. This is a spectacularly modern hospital with the latest in medical technology. I was very impressed. I finally met Dr. Ceballos, who is incredibly well-spoken and patient. I have to say that I was filled with fear on coming here, but was soon calmed after our meeting. The surgery went well, and I stayed overnight at the Hospital. I should add that Dr. Ceballos has a TEAM of accompanying professionals. He is accompanied by another skillful plastic surgeon, an anesthesiologist, and a nurse! Even though I was given a local anesthetic, prior to that, I was given a sedative, to dull the pain of the local. This is just the kind of attention to detail that I’m talking about. Additionally, I can’t think of any place in the world where 2 qualified surgeons, an anesthesiologist and nurse, would perform this fairly standard kind of eyelid surgery. In the States, it would just be a surgeon with a nurse. I still can’t get over it.

The best was yet to come. Dr. Ceballos stayed with me long after the surgery , to ensure that everything went well. He gave me a local cellphone, and called me practically every day (including Sat/Sun) to ensure that all was well. I’ve never met a doctor, who truly meant it when he said he wanted to hear from his patients. In the week that followed I was completely impressed with Dr. Ceballos. He is quite possibly the most skillful, detailed-oriented surgeon, and is obsessed with safety for the patient. He will do nothing that will endanger any patient – at any cost. And he is a genuinely nice guy. Very compassionate and always checking in. It’s been a while since I’ve received this treatment. I’d spoken with other people there and the words that kept coming up when referring to Dr. Ceballos was “ethical”, “skillful” and “kind”.

For those of you reading this and thinking about a surgery – if you decide to go down the Medical Tourism route, I truly hope that you find a reputable organization like MedToGo. And as far as plastic surgery goes, I pray that you find someone as highly skilled and qualified like Dr. Ceballos. I was so afraid before my surgery, but now I’m recommending Robert from MedToGo and Dr. Ceballos to all my friends and family! And if you decide to find your own plastic surgeon from one of the many advertisements, don’t settle for anything but the best. And don’t be pushed into doing something you don’t feel 100% comfortable with.

I’ve also listed some of the pro’s and con’s of Medical Tourism.

COST: About 30% of surgery cost in the US. About 40% after adding airfare/hotel/food costs.
MEDICAL TEAM: Unbelievably, you get a team here: 2 highly skilled surgeons, an anesthesiologist and a nurse
FOLLOWUP: You get incredible follow up, and a driver who will take you to the hospital and back, etc.
HOSPITAL SETTING: This hospital is a lot nicer than the ones that I use here in San Francisco! And I got a private room with a view for less than $100 per night. (first night after surgery)
HOTELS: Hotels are incredibly cheap and the food is great and also cheap

HOTEL SELECTION: I picked a hotel that was on a busy street. It cost about $53/night. It was nice, with a primarily Mexican clientele. In hind sight, I should have upgraded to something on a quieter and more interesting part of town.
LANGUAGE BARRIER: Receptionists/restaurant people, etc. sometimes don’t speak much English.

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