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Ric Maddock - Rotator Cuff Repair Testimonial

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My name is Ric Maddock. I am a sixty year old structural engineer who is very active and plays a lot of sports including volleyball at a competitive level. Over a year ago, while playing, I heard a pop in my shoulder and apparently suffered a massive tear of the superspinatus and infraspinatus tendons. I didn’t realize the severity of the injury for several months, expecting a recovery which never came. After several months of physical therapy, I had an MRI done and the damage was apparent. The orthopedic surgeon I went to suggested that I had a 60 to 70 percent chance of full recovery, but that was all right because it would only cost $24,0000. He was very busy and didn’t really seem to care one way or the other about me. It made me mad, so I got on the internet and started searching for alternatives.

Rotator Cuff Repair – I settled on MedToGo for my rotator cuff repair surgery for several reasons. They had the approval of the Better Business Bureau, were owned and operated by physicians, and the surgeon they recommended, Dr. Greig in Puerta Vallarta seemed to be highly qualified. It has proven to be a very good decision. I found Dr. Greig to be not only highly qualified, but one of the most decent and compassionate people I have had the pleasure to have met. He assured me I would recover fully, even though my injury was severe and many months had passed. The rotator cuff repair surgery, hospital and entire experience including ten days in a wonderful place was totally positive for Andrea and myself. MedToGo continues to follow up with me, and today, five months later and after a lot of physical therapy, I am returning to a full schedule of volleyball as well as preparing for the ski season.

I have to tell one little story regarding Dr. Greig which so aptly demonstrates the concern he has for his patients. Andrea and I had gone to the hospital for one of three follow ups. After my exam, we walked outside the hospital and as we were standing on the sidewalk out comes Dr. Greig. “Ric and Andrea, do you need me to call a cab for you?” We were so impressed by him, and I can’t say enough good things about the man. Somehow I can’t see the surgeon in Boise Idaho caring how we got home as long as we paid his bill.

I highly recommend MedToGo, Dr. Greig, and Puerto Vallarta. Anyone wishing to obtain further information about my experience is welcome to contact me by email or phone (208) 761-0373.

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