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Richard Weyand - Hiatal Hernia Testimonial

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Hiatal Hernia Surgery – “To the people at MedToGo, International, they did an excellent job in arranging the medical trip to have my hiatal hernia repair. I cannot commend them enough for their thoroughness in making certain that my medical experience was to my satisfaction and bringing to a facilty with a surgeon who performed beyond anyone’s expectation. The prices were more than reasonable relative what is charged in the States. As a provider of medical services in the States I could not find any fault in their procedures.

The hospital was clean, the staff was exceedingly courteous and respectful. The experience was beyond my thoughts even from living and working in a place where the supposed greatest care was provided.

I would highly recommend anyone to utilise their services for medical treatment. You cannot expect anything better.”

Richard Weyand

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About seven years ago while camping in Utah, I noticed a bulge in my lower abdomen. I couldn’t feel it and at night it went away. I realized I had a hernia and after the initial shock it was easy to live with it since I really couldn’t feel any discomfort. As the years wore on however, not only did the bulge get larger, I did begin to feel some discomfort.

It this point I began to inquire about surgery.

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