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Robert Del Real - Total Knee Replacement Testimonial

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Hello my name is Robert Del Real, I am a patient of Dr. Max Greig. I just had a total knee replacement in my left knee. I came down from San Diego, California on Monday and had surgery on Tuesday morning, today is Friday and I am getting ready to leave the hospital. Everything has gone according to plan and really good on the schedule. Everybody has treated me really good from Alfred the coordinator down here, the hospital staff, the doctors, and everybody else has been real friendly, real helpful. Alfred picked me up from the airport and brought me here to the hospital and now he is going to be taking me over to the hotel. So far everything is going great, looks like I’m coming along real good and hope to walk out of here and back to the states next Thursday.

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MedToGo Patient: My name is Steve Fillion, I’m from Cawston a small town in British Columbia.

MedToGo Coordinator: Could you tell us what procedure you came here for?

MedToGo Patient: I came down for a complete knee replacement.

MedToGo Coordinator: Did you get good information when you were gathering your thoughts on this?

MedToGo Patient: Well, I kind of flew from the seat of my pants, but I locked up.

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Steve Fillion - Total Knee Replacement Testimonial