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Robert Wilson - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial

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My name is Robert Wilson, I am from Clinton, Missouri which is south of Kansas City about 70 miles. I had a complete hip replacement, it was my right side. It was just not financially possible to have it done at home, it would have put great hardship on me at this time, this was my best and a good resolve for my problem through MedToGo travel. I saw this on the internet and it’s worked out quite well for me. First grade all the way, the hospital was very comfortable, the room was three times the size of my room in Kansas City, everything was first grade.

Dr. Max Greig, very professional, very friendly, personal touch was second to none, I never knew a doctor as well as I do Max. I feel like I was more informed going into surgery before and after than anything I had in the states, it seemed like in the states I was on a need to know and here they answered any questions I had. Puerto Vallarta looks like a beautiful place to visit, I wish I was not recuperating at this time and I wish I could have enjoyed it more because I had a hip replaced but it’s been as good as can be. I’d be very quick to do this again, if I need other elective surgery.

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Tyrle Hunter testimonial of his Total Hip Replacement using MedToGo as my Medical Travel Facilitator

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Tyrle Hunter - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial