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Roland Fischer - Inguinal Hernia Repair Testimonial

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We were very well cared for by Dr. Joya and his team in Puerto Vallarta when I needed inguinal hernia surgery. I was able to get a pre-operative checkup and cardiogram at the hospital the morning before the surgery. Everyone at the hospital was kind and helpful as they took care of all the necessary checkups and testing prior to my inguinal hernia repair surgery. They spoke English and took time to answer my questions, explaining in detail. Dr. Joya performed an excellent surgery. The hospital was located within a few minutes walking distance from our hotel.

We had requested a room with cooking facilities at the hotel since we were planning to stay for 2 weeks. At the hotel we had an apartment, which had a small refrigerator, an electric hot plate with 2 burners, cooking utensils and were able to prepare our meals. The grocery store was only a block away. The hotel was located right on the beach so we had daily walks along the ocean and Betty was able to swim in the ocean and the pool.

Altogether the experience was lovely. I’m now completely recovered and happily working. I know I made the right decision getting my inguinal hernia repair surgery through MedToGo.

Thank you so much.

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About seven years ago while camping in Utah, I noticed a bulge in my lower abdomen. I couldn’t feel it and at night it went away. I realized I had a hernia and after the initial shock it was easy to live with it since I really couldn’t feel any discomfort. As the years wore on however, not only did the bulge get larger, I did begin to feel some discomfort.

It this point I began to inquire about surgery.

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