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Sheila Ramirez - Lap Band Testimonial

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Lap Band Surgery – I had the Lap Band surgery September 4th, 2009 with MedToGo International in Tijuana. Initially I was a bit apprehensive to have Lap Band Surgery in Tijuana, given its reputation, but when I learned where the hospital was located I became comfortable. I lived in Mexico for a while, so I was actually excited to return.

The entire experience was phenomenal. From MedToGo’s preparation and hand holding, to the gentleman that picked us up at the airport, as well as the professional hospital staff and the surgical team, both my husband and I were treated marvelously. The nutritionist, Dr. Calleja, spent plenty of time answering my questions and clarifying my new diet. In fact, since I have been home she has been quite reliable responding to my questions via email.

The overall Lap Band Surgery went very well. I heard that I would likely get sick, but never was. There were no side effects at all. Currently I get fills every 2 months and have had no side effects from the fills. I can feel when I’ve eaten too much, but I have never gotten ill from it.

I have another 15-20 pounds to lose to reach my goal weight. I’m almost there. I suffered from arthritis in my knees, but now I can walk regularly and do not plod.

In conclusion, my overall experience with MedToGo and the medical team in Tijuana was excellent. MedToGo’s coordinators have followed up regularly and I have recommended their services to friends and would recommend it to anyone looking to regain control of their life.

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Tonia Mann – Lap Band Surgery Testimonial using MedToGo as my Medical Travel Facilitator

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Tonia Mann - Lap Band Testimonial