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Shelina Jilani - Hysterectomy Testimonial

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My name is Shelina Jilani, I come from Seattle, Washington. My husband actually researched online after trying tribulation in Seattle, Washington and not getting anywhere in regards to the procedure that I needed to have done, which was to remove my fibroids and to get that all taken care of I was getting the run around.

MedToGo Coordinator: How would you describe your stay here in Puerto Vallarta?

MedToGo Patient: Magnificent, paradise.

MedToGo Coordinator: And you stayed in which hotel here?

MedToGo Patient: Weston, I would recommend Weston being that it’s quit, its good service, and they do take care of you. When I was in a wheel chair, at first I was skeptical but not one day went by where they did not accommodate me, with the wheel chair, with the service, with anything and everything I needed.
I stayed at the top CMQ Premier hospital, very clean, very precise, very very good. Dr. Preciado was unbelievable. Very gentle, very kind, very precise,to Dr. Preciado, from all the nurses that helped me, held my hand, made me feel as though I was home.

We found this through MedToGo, through Robert Page at MedToGo International. Did some research, at first I was skeptical, it’s normal, but I will tell you I’m very cautious, I’m very cautious. My husband and I research everything and anything before we decide on where, and this was the best choice I have made in my life.

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My bi-lateral shoulder surgery was nothing short of a huge success. I had had a previous arthroscopic surgery in 2010 on my left shoulder that took 2 years to heal and still had pain. Dr. Max evaluated that shoulder in May of 2014 (7 other orthopedics said it would have to be sacrificed as it was too far gone) and felt that he could repair it with probable outcome close to normal.
I have been pain free since about two days after the surgery.

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R.C. - Rotator Cuff Surgery Testimonial