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Shirley Patterson - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial(Left Hip)

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Total Hip Replacement Surgery – Today, six weeks after total hip replacement surgery in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, I was on the driving range hitting golf balls, and quite well. I feel so pleased. I had not hit a ball in two years and, thanks to Dr. Max Greig and MedToGo Innternational, I will soon be back in my world of playing golf. I hope to be competing back in ladies’ golf tournaments as I was doing before I was hit with osteoarthritis in my hips.

This is my second testimonial since having the first surgery in January of 2011. My second hip was done in mid July, six weeks ago. Again, as the first time around, I would have had to wait two years on the Alberta wait, which has not improved.

Thanks to MedToGo, I was able to have my Total Hip Replacement Surgery scheduled and organized in three weeks with Dr. Greig. On this second total hip replacement surgery, I received the same great care that I received in January from Dr. Greig and the Puerto Vallarta CMQ Premiere Hospital staff. I am pain free and cannot believe how my flexibility has returned. Thank you Dr. Max Greig and MedToGo for assisting with the

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John Ruhe – Total Hip Replacement Surgery Testimonial using MedToGo as my Medical Travel Facilitator

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John Ruhe - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial