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Steve Fillion - Total Knee Replacement Testimonial

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MedToGo Patient: My name is Steve Fillion, I’m from Cawston a small town in British Columbia.

MedToGo Coordinator: Could you tell us what procedure you came here for?

MedToGo Patient: I came down for a complete knee replacement.

MedToGo Coordinator: Did you get good information when you were gathering your thoughts on this?

MedToGo Patient: Well, I kind of flew from the seat of my pants, but I locked up. I happened to get the greatest doctor anybody could ever want.

MedToGo Coordinator: How in the end did you make your decision, because this is something you think about before you do it, what made you make your decision?

MedToGo Patient: Economics, it was a lot lower price than in Canada or in the United States.

MedToGo Coordinator: What would this have cost you back in Canada?

MedToGo Patient: $30,000 in Canada and $50,000 in the USA.

MedToGo Coordinator: How about the facilities and the doctors?

MedToGo Patient: They were fantastic, right down to the nursing staff. I have had nine operations in my life and he was by far the greatest orthopedic surgeon I have ever had.

MedToGo Coordinator: Could you tell us the hospital you stayed at here in Puerto Vallarta?

MedToGo Patient: CMQ Premier.

MedToGo Coordinator: And your surgeons name was?

MedToGo Patient: My surgeons name was Dr. Max Greig

MedToGo Coordinator: Any other comment, how do you feel about this experience?

MedToGo Patient: It was fantastic, at first I was a little apprehensive but you got to let that go because it was the staff and everybody was so pleasant, it was a great experience. I had the best doctor here, the best
nurses, the best physical therapist, I mean everybody was so accommodating.

MedToGo Coordinator: Puerto Vallarta is known for world class tourist destinations?

MedToGo Patient: It was a beautiful place to rehab for two weeks.

MedToGo Coordinator: Was there anything else you did while you were here?

MedToGo Patient: Well I went fishing the first day, I tried to get out another day but you know.

MedToGo Coordinator: How did the fishing trip go?

MedToGo Patient: The fishing trip went excellent, six roosters so we did ok.

MedToGo Coordinator: So you think you will come back to Puerto Vallarta?

MedToGo Patient: Yes, this is my second visit and I would definitely come back again.

MedToGo Coordinator: And the agency that sent you here, what was there name again?

MedToGo Patient: The agency was out of Phoenix, Arizona it was MedToGo.

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My name is Mark Sawko, I am from Chandler, Arizona. I am 55 years old and I had a knee replacement surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico done by Dr. Max Greig. My knee is in terrific shape, no complaints the surgery was very successful, I am able to do many things including golf and yoga and all kinds of different sports, so I feel it was very successful. I found out about MedToGo because it was owned by one of my friends Dr. Robert Page and his family Dr.

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Mark Sawko - Total Knee Replacement Testimonial