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Surgery FAQ's

1. Are costs savings of medical tourism due to lower standards of medicine in Costa Rica?

Absolutely not, medical standards in Costa Rica match international standards. Most of the surgeons we work with have received training in the US and are board certified in America.

2. Are the hospitals in Costa Rica well equipped and up to international standards?

Costa Rica has several private hospitals that are designed to provide world-class medical care. These hospitals utilize the best medical equipment and technology that is available world-wide. The hospitals are all certified by the Joint Commission International, to ensure that they meet rigorous international standards. MedToGo International has carefully evaluated and selected only those hospitals that meet very high international standards to be a part of our network.

3. Are MedToGo Doctors board certified and licensed?

Yes, all of our Drs are fully licensed and board certified. A majority of the physicians that work with MedToGo have studied abroad, earning their degrees from some of the best medical schools in the United States and Europe.

MedToGo’s board-certified U.S. doctors conduct full evaluations for each Dr. in our network. We also inspect and evaluated the hospital’s protocols and maintenance.

4. Can I sue for malpractice?

Costa Rican law requires surgeons to carry liability insurance to assure patients protection from malpractice.

An American medical tourist cannot have recourse to the American court system. An American court might not hold an intermediary liable since medical tourism promoters or agents are not health care providers and so cannot commit malpractice.

5. What are the qualifications for nurses involved in patient care?

All of the nurses that work in MedToGo’s hospital network are fully licensed and certified. The remarkable success of the medical tourism field means hospitals are able to attract first-rate doctors and nurses.
There is also a much better patient to nurse ratio so patients enjoy personalized attention from warm and caring nurses.

6. What if complications arise during the surgery?

To ensure you receive the best care possible, your operating surgeon will give you a pre-operative examination to determine whether or not you are fit for your procedure. This examination helps minimize avoidable complications.

If there are complications during the procedure your surgeon may require additional assistance from other specialists, medical technology and medications at the hospital to stabilize your health and prevent any negative outcome. As in the United States, the patient will be held accountable for any additional resulting fees. Of course, just as the procedure cost is a considerable saving when compared to the cost in the United States, so too should be the cost of any resulting complication.

7. How do I receive post-surgery care? Are follow-up visits necessary (i.e. to remove stitches, etc.)?

Post-surgery care is typical for many surgical procedures. During this phase of the healing process, patients are welcome to remain in Costa Rica for any needed follow-up visits, necessary stitches removal, or any other post-surgery care.

However, MedToGo International realizes that most patients do not have the luxury to stay in Costa Rica for an extended period of time. That is why patients arrange for follow-up care in their home city prior to the surgery in Costa Rica. Medical Notes from the surgery and post-operative care will be shared with the patient’s primary care physician or specified doctor. If a patient does not have a doctor and/or needs help locating one, MedToGo International Health Care Coordinators will assist the patient in establishing this connection.

8. How clean are the facilities in the MedToGo network?

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance to MedToGo International. That is why MedToGo’s board-certified U.S. doctors conduct full evaluations for each hospital’s protocols and maintenance. All hospitals in MedToGo International’s network have updated and valid certification from the Mexican health department. MedToGo International has inspected over 80 Mexican medical centers, and has chosen only those best suited to provide the standard of excellence suited for MedToGo clients.

MedToGo also seeks out hospitals with prestigious international hospital accreditations. Our preferred organization is the Joint Commission International, a private sector, U.S.-based non-profit organization that stands by its mission statement: “To continuously improve the safety and quality of care provided to the public through the provision of health care accreditation and related services that support performance improvement in health care organizations.”

9. Will the medical professionals know how to speak and understand English?

All of MedToGo International’s Costa Rican surgeons speak English. Most of our surgeons have had part or all of their training in the United States, Canada or Europe and speak fluent English in addition to other languages.

You will be provided an English-speaking Medical Liaison to attend to you while you are in Costa Rica. Your designated Medical Liaison will be available to facilitate communication, coordinate your day-to-day schedule, provide information and put you at ease.

10. I’m ready to get surgery I can afford, but I’m still unsure about a few things. Like, What destinations does MedToGo International offer?

We offer medical services in San Jose, Costa Rica,Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Leon, Hermosillo, Merida, and Monterrey.

11. How do I get started? What medical information do you need from me? What is the next step?

When you’re ready to get started, fill out the information form on the MedToGo website. MedToGo will send you the “5 Steps to Medical Tourism.” In this document, we answer all of your important questions about pricing, scheduling a surgery date, arranging financing, and how we get you everything you need, from quality care to doctor selection.

12. How do I pay for my medical services arranged through MedToGo International?

Payment must be made to “MedToGo International” via check, credit card or third-party financing companies.
MedToGo International works closely with MyMedicalLoan and CreditCare to help clients apply for medical financing.

13. What will MedToGo International’s services cost me?

MedToGo International’s services do not cost anything additional to the cost of your surgical procedure package. MedToGo does not mark up the price to customers. The price quote you received from your MedToGo health care coordinator is the same as if you were to call the doctor yourself and ask for a quote. This is MedToGo International’s guarantee.

14. What services can I expect from MedToGo International?

MedToGo International is your advocate while you are in Costa Rica. The solid relationships we have forged over the years with Mexican caregivers means our clients are treated with the utmost respect from the moment they arrive in Costa Rica. Our patients often say they “feel like a celebrity” during the experience and mention that they “never had to ask for anything. It’s like the doctor’s staff knew what I wanted before I did.”

Every step of the way MedToGo International will hold your hand and guide you through the process by answering questions, providing you with options for surgeons in different cities, assisting you with all the documentation necessary to schedule your surgery, finding a flight and comfortable lodging, communicating with your surgeon’s staff, and supporting you during post-operative care.

15. How qualified is MedToGo International? What experience does MedToGo International have with Latin American health care?

MedToGo International’s founder, Dr. Robert H. Page graduated from medical school at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara in Mexico and helped found the Tlaquepaque Free Medical Clinic before returning to the United States to complete his residency.

Founded in 2000, MedToGo International has been working in Latin America for 9 years, conducting physician interviews and evaluating medical centers in over 50 Mexican cities. We have worked closely with the Mexican Health Department to verify physician and hospital credentials. MedToGo is an active participant in the medical community at large, as we have also attended, hosted and participated in a number of health conferences.

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