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Surgical Torus Removal

What is Torus removal?

A torus (plural “tori”) is a harmless growth of bone. Tori tend to grow in three parts of the mouth:

- The roof of the mouth (tori palatini) – The inside of the lower jaw (tori mandibulari, or lingual tori) – The cheek side of the upper molars (buccal exostoses) – Lingual tori almost always appear on both sides of the lower jaw at the same time.

Tori are slow-growing and vary in size. Most of them do not interfere with eating or speech. Many people have tori without knowing it. Your dentist may find a torus during an exam, or you might notice one on your own.

Many people who notice tori are concerned about oral cancer. Tori are not cancerous. They also do not turn into cancer. A torus is normal bone covered with normal tissue. However, other types of growths in the mouth can turn out to be oral cancer. You should have your dentist check any growths you find.

Because they are on the roof of your mouth, tori palatini can be irritated by some foods. Hard foods, such as crusty bread, or hot foods, such as pizza, are most likely to cause problems. Large palatal and lingual tori can interfere with speech.

Tori also can interfere with dentures. Otherwise, there are no symptoms.

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