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Susan and Michael - Face Lift Testimonial

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Michael: I’m Michael Nierenberg. We had surgery with the Pages [MedToGo founder, Dr. Robert Page and his wife] 4 months and a week ago. I had a complete face lift, and am very pleased with the outcome. One of the things that [Dr. Ceballos] did was raise my eyes, and he made an incision on the top of my head. He obviously couldn’t hide it with the hairline, and it’s impossible to see the scar. I can’t imagine how he did that.

I would recommend anybody using Dr. Ceballos, I think that he did an excellent job. I would do it again if I had to make the choice again.


Susan: We got down to Puerto Vallarta, and of course all of us thought we knew what we should have done to our faces. We went in for our pre-op appointment with Dr. Ceballos and told him what we thought we needed. He was so good. That’s when he decided, really, I needed some new cheek bones. He’s an artist. He was much better at deciding than any of us could have been.

I have to say something about the scars. If you look here on the sides, Dr. Ceballos put the lines on the edge of our ear, so that there are no telltale signs here on the men or the women – that is pretty amazing! He was very careful about everything. I did tell him I wanted to look like Michelle Pfeiffer. I think he got pretty close.

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Chris Hughes – Face Lift Surgery Testimonial using MedToGo as my Medical Tourism Facilitator

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Chris Hughes - Face Lift Testimonial