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Susan M. - Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Testimonial

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Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery – I previously had liposuction performed in the States and while I has happy with my outcome, I could not afford to do all the areas I wanted. A friend suggested I look into going abroad. A timely article in the San Francisco Chronicle led me to MedToGo and Robert Page. I researched three other medical tourism companies but MedToGo was the only one (that I found) to have accredited doctors and hospitals.

Upon arrival in Guadalajara, Mexico, I was given first class treatment; door to door car service, a private, garden-view hospital room, even a post release visit from the doctor at my hotel! The small, private hospital was clean, efficient, and modern. Most staff members spoke English and all were very professional and personable.

Definitely take a friend or spouse with you. They will remember to gather your travel documents, recall post op instructions, have your doctor’s local contact information, navigate the hotel phone system (as your mobile may or may not work), and make sure you are generally fed and taken care of.

My list of other do’s and don’ts include:

do your research (you should be very comfortable with every step of this process)
do pack lightly
do bring something to do as you will be room-bound for a couple of days
do book a 4-star hotel with room service and modern conveniences nearby
do work with your at-home doctor, you will need him/her post op

don’t forget a credit card
don’t expect to do a lot of touristy things (except maybe lay poolside)
don’t be afraid to ask questions whether it’s the MedToGo team or hospital staff members

My specific procedures were performed better (more yuck than expected hoovered out), safer (twilight sleep rather than general anesthesia), and more comfortably (24 hr iv pain meds) than similar procedures done in the States and at 2/3 (including airfare and hotel) the cost. I am thrilled with my results and would return to MedToGo and Dr.Ceballos for any future elective surgery procedures without a doubt.

Dr. Ceballos and the MedToGo team are first class all the way!

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Brenda D. – Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Testimonial using MedToGo as my Medical Travel Facilitator

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Brenda D. - Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Testimonial