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Susan Wilson -(Left) Total Knee Replacement Testimonial

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Susan Wilson - (Left) Total Knee Replacement Testimonial

Total Knee Replacement – First of all let me say “Thank You” for my new left knee. I am recovering well and quickly.

My experience at CIMA Hospital for the Total Knee Replacement surgery on 6 January was wonderful. The nursing and support staff were very attentive to my needs. As you may know some hospitals in Mexico expect a family member to bath and change bedding for the patients. These services were provided at CIMA Hospital on a daily basis. The hospital is clean, well managed and well equipped. I also appreciated the presence of female personnel in the operating room during my surgery. Translators were provided whenever I was unable to communicate in my limited Spanish.

The medical team that you assembled for my surgery was impressive. Meeting the team before the Total Knee Replacement surgery gave me added assurance that my needs would be met. After my discharge from the hospital on 8 January 2009 the follow-up care at City Express Hotel by Drs. Valenzuela and Rabeil, your nurse Ismael, and yourself was very much appreciated. Delivery of medications by messenger to my hotel room was a pleasant surprise.

The physical Therapy provided by Dra. Linda Guerrero Walker, in the hospital, in the hotel room and at her office, has been amazing. I have achieved more flexion and regained more muscle strength two weeks after the left knee surgery than I did four weeks after the right knee had been done in La Paz. She is an excellent therapist.

One notation about improvement of services, putting a wheel chair lift on the van that was originally provided, but could not accommodate my limited mobility, would have made my trip easier for me and would not have required an ambulance. The van was too high off the ground for me to climb into and there was not adequate leg room for a knee that would not bend without severe pain. But it all worked out OK with the ambulance.

I would also like to that Robert Page at MedToGo for making the arrangements for my Total Knee Replacement surgery. It is nice to have a third party advocate in my corner. I look forward to dancing again in the near future, and returning to a more active cruising life style as we continue to enjoy Mexico and its wonderful people.


Susie Wilson

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Susan Wilson - (Right) Total Knee Revision Testimonial