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Suzie Pozo - Gastric Sleeve Testimonial

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My name is Suzie Pozo, and I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. On June 11th I went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and I did the Sleeve surgery with Dr. Joya. It’s been almost 4 months ago that I went to do this wonderful surgery, and to tell you the truth now I have another life. The comments I receive daily, it’s just amazing. My self esteem is all the way up to heaven. I feel great. I feel inside of me and I know that I look wonderful. It’s just amazing to go from size 16 to size 8 on pants. The medium is on my blouses and dresses. Even though that I knew that it was going to be the best experience in my life, I never, never thought that it was going to be like this.

Dr. Joya was the main, Dr. Espinoza was the second on the surgery. The whole team just wonderful. Nathalie was my nutrition consultant. The psychologist was another young doctor that guided me, said everything, very bilingual, very patient. The hospital is like a hotel, a 5-star hotel; the attention, the information, the medication, they tell you what you are going to have, why you are going to have it, what are the precautions. Everything is there.

When I start getting the information from Mr. Page about the program, I thought it was going to be like just a company would let me know where to go. Well, I was wrong. I received first the information about the clinic, about the doctor, about the surgery, about the experience and the backgrounds of all the doctors and the hospital. Then I received a very clear explanation about the cost, the way that we were gonna go over there. Let me tell you that I’m Mexicana, I lived most of my life in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. I knew the way that Mexico was, but still the MedToGo company was telling me every single detail that I needed to know. I’m a bilingual person, so I know that the language wasn’t going to be a problem, but still they’re bilingual over there and MedToGo helped me to go every single step, every single direction, every single thing that I had to do, every single information, every phone number. Coming out of the airplane and then go straight here, you’re gonna receive this, you’ll see your sign, every single step was there. And I think that is extremely important for everybody now, and I’m Mexican, to have all this kind of information to feel safe and happy about this wonderful step.

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Hi my name is Teresa Jenneman, I am from Wisconsin. I heard about MedToGo from doing research on the computer. I got in contact with Robert Page and he gave me all the information and he was so very helpful. I had the gastric sleeve surgery, I am recovering really well. The doctors here are great, the nurses are great, and I’m doing good.

I’m three days post-op and I am felling so much better and no pain, I’m up walking and feeling much better.

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Teresa Jenneman - Gastric Sleeve Testimonial