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Teresa Jenneman - Gastric Sleeve Testimonial

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Hi my name is Teresa Jenneman, I am from Wisconsin. I heard about MedToGo from doing research on the computer. I got in contact with Robert Page and he gave me all the information and he was so very helpful. I had the gastric sleeve surgery, I am recovering really well. The doctors here are great, the nurses are great, and I’m doing good.

I’m three days post-op and I am felling so much better and no pain, I’m up walking and feeling much better. I did a lot of research and when I spoke with Robert on the phone he was the one that gave me the most information and was very detailed and reassured me that this was the cleanest and the best place to go. After a lot of discussion and going over the paper work and talking to Robert several and several times, he answered all of our questions and reassured us, it was comforting. Like I said the hospital was very clean, the doctors were very professional, I would recommend Dr. Joya anytime, very, very good.

When I got to the hospital and met Natalie, she told me everything that was going to happen before it happened so I knew what to expect, which was very helpful. When we were released, she gave us all the information as for our diet and pre-op and all the numbers that we needed in case of emergency, also at the hotel they sent a doctor over this morning to look at me, it was great, it was.

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Shibinsky Martin – Metabolic Gastric Bypass Surgery Testimonial using MedToGo as my Medical Travel Facilitator

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Shibinsky Martin - Metabolic Gastric Bypass Testimonial