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Teri Longabaugh - Hysterectomy Testimonial

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Dear Dr. Gonzalez and Robert Paige-

We are writing to personally thank you both for contributing to our medical trip in Hermosillo, Mexico in January of 2012. After returning home we have been able to reflect on all the aspects of the trip, a trip we consider to not only of been extremely helpful to us financially but also one that was well organized and executed in a professional manner.

Teri and I had investigated the benefits and costs of having the same surgery in America and knew there would be a significant savings by organizing a medical trip through Med-To Go but upon reflection realized that we probably saved at least 80% off an American proceedure, possibly even more since their are often hidden costs sometimes given by our American medical system. In fact, after personally going through our surgery in Mexico and with Dr. Gonzalez, we feel the Mexican medical care system is probably better than what we are even offered in America! And MUCH cheaper since the same surgery and hotel, car rental, etc. would have cost us a year’s wages at home and only ended up costing $6500 total through Med-To Go!

Our hospital not only had private, clean rooms with all the modern technologies of an American hospital but the doctors and staff were kind and even though many of them were limited in their English speaking abilities they were always helpful and aware of our needs. For any future clients we would recommend having them download a Spanish to English conversion app for their smart phones prior to entering the country, that way they could easily translate or communicate necessities easily.

Besides our pleasant experiences with the hospital and medical staff we wanted to comment on the hotel and amenities that were organized for us by our Health Care Coordinator, Robert Paige. Not only did Robert book us into a wonderful hotel with all modern day luxuries such as their own restaurant, clean and private rooms but our hotel staff spoke english and catered to us at every turn.

We ended up booking most of our own travel arrangements but appreciate the offer by Robert Paige and Med-To Go to handle all arrangements for us if needed. We would definitely recommend telling future clients is if they arrange their own transportation to avoid driving through downtown Nogales and instead take the truck road, it will not only save them time but will save them the frustrations and stress of heavy traffic in a foreign country. But even with the check points you have to maneuver on their journey the Mexican Federales are always friendly and helpful to Americans visiting their country.

All in all, not only was our trip extremely financially beneficial over having the same work done at home in America but our experience with Dr. Gonzalez, his medical doctors and staff, the hotel staff and even the Federales was a pleasant experience to say the least. We will definitely be recommending Med-To Go and their medical trips to all our family and friends in the states, insurance covered or not. Please always feel free to use the information we have presented to you here as proof positive with any future clients as a first-hand account of the wonderful benefits Americans have received in your care!

Thank you again for everything you have helped us with!


Fred and Teri Longabaugh
Med-To Go 2012 clients

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