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Traveling to Mexico

Mexico’s advantage is its location; flights from US and Canada are short and relatively cheap.

US citizens can even drive to Mexico.

Flight times from US and Canada to Mexico
Average estimated travel time in hours

From/To Mexico City Guadalajara
New York City 4.5 4.5
Chicago 3.5 3.5
Washington, DC 4 4
San Francisco 4 4
Los Angeles 3.5 3
Toronto 4 5
Montreal 5 5
Vancouver 5 5

Statistics for Medical Tourism in Mexico

Americans, particularly those living near the Mexican border, now routinely cross to Mexico for medical care. It is believed that half of these medical tourists are US residents of Mexican heritage and merely go home for treatment.

The number of medical tourists coming into Mexico ranges from 150,000 to 500,000 persons annually. It is hard to keep track of the number people coming into Mexico seeking medical care because there are no official records of such visits.

When I travel in Mexico how can I avoid food-borne illnesses?

• Choose restaurants the way you would anywhere: patronizing only those that obviously emphasize cleanliness. Next, choose establishments that come with several recommendations and are popular.
• Never eat seafood except right on the coast or in a top restaurant, and avoid it when the weather is particularly hot.
• Never eat mayonnaise or anything else that you suspect has not been refrigerated and that can quickly produce bacteria
• Be careful of salads or other raw foods that may not have been properly washed.


Wealthy people stay at hotels and this can attract some petty criminals so make sure to lock your doors and watch your belongings. Almost every hotel has safety deposit boxes in the room, use them!!

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My name is Kelly Thigpen. I lived in Oregon when I had the surgery, and I went to Puerto Vallarta and had the surgery at Amerimed Hospital with Dr. Joya, and the surgery was the gastric sleeve, and I had it in November of 2012. My experience with Robert Page and MedToGo was more than I could have anticipated; Robert was there from day 1, giving me step-by-step instructions as to what I needed to do. It was easy. I felt confident and safe in my decision.

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