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Tyrle Hunter - Total Hip ReplacementTestimonial

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Major surgery can be a scary thing for anybody. Having chosen to live my life in a remote area and fish commercially, I, as well as many of my townsfolk, have left my/our selves hundreds of miles away from any medical attention more than stitches and the re-setting of broken bones. This only adds to the fear, anticipation and sense of uncertainty associated with any major surgery.

Our small teams of local general doctors can only guess as to any advanced condition and recommend a doctor hundreds of miles away for any given condition outside of their area of expertise (giving stitches and re-setting broken bones). Those with insurance still have to pay thousands in travel costs by the time everything is done, and those without insurance (as are most fishermen) only have the added cost of travel to the already outlandish cost of advanced medical attention in our insurance saturated society.

Fortunately for me, one of our local doctors had the good sense to recommend MedToGo. MedToGo’s team of doctors made sure that they could give me an accurate depiction of my condition prior to my traveling, using local, modern technology and skilled personnel. They put me in touch with several Mexican surgeons capable of performing the duties my injury required, and gave me my choice of surgeon and location.

Not only was the attention and availability of required services far superior to that of our local facilities, it was far cheaper. More importantly though, they made sure that I had to travel as little as possible and did not have to travel until it was time for surgery. When I did finally have to travel I knew exactly what I was traveling for. I was met by a MedToGo representative and escorted to my hotel upon my arrival. I met with MedToGo staff and was familiarized with everything from the details of my surgery to local demographics and available activities. MedToGo made sure that I was fully comfortable with and informed about the details of my surgery.

Post-op – I received the most intimate care, including a house-call doctor and a physical therapist on a rotating daily schedule. They made sure that before I left I was ready for travel and ensured the ease of my “handicapped” trip home.

I have since been in touch on a regular basis with MedToGo staff regarding my condition and am pleased to inform you, as well as I have them, that all is well for me now. I have resumed my regular activities (mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, hunting and camping) as well as other outdoors activities. I spent today cutting firewood in preparation for the winter. I am already able to do many things that I could not do before surgery and only look forward to being able to do even more.

I cannot say for sure what would have happened without MedToGo, but I can say for sure that with them, a seemingly impossible task, one of ultimate uncertainty, and ultimate cost, was performed easily, confidently and affordably. Every step of the way MedToGo was there to reassure and assist me in becoming myself again. They were not only my doctors but were also my friends and piers and I believe that this was a very important part of my surgery and recovery. You can’t just trust someone because they are surgeon number blah blah blah in the medical journal of blah blah. When someone takes the time to get to know you personally, and not as a number, they take a genuine interest in your well being and this is something that you just don’t find at most insurance companies and medical facilities. At this moment in my recovery, I cannot say enough for the staff and associates of MedToGo… Thank you very much for all you have done.

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Carole Woolley Testimonial of her Total Hip Replacement surgery using MedToGo as my Medical Travel Facilitator

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Carole Woolley - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial