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Upper or Lower Mouth Restoration

Nothing is as gut wrenching or frustrating than dealing with the loss of your teeth.

Are you using dentures in the lower mouth? If so there is a solution for you! This unique package was specially designed for patients who have missed all teeth in the lower or upper mouth.

With the latest and the most-technologically advanced dental implants in Costa Rica, we can offer you a permanent solution for your missing teeth. So, you can say goodbye to your dentures and say hello to your new smile.

Dental Treatment •8 titanium true immediate-load dental implants. •4 -6 dental crowns •8 dental crowns on implants •12 – 14 temporary crowns. •Panoramic X-rays. •Night guard. •Medication (Pain killers, antibiotics & local anesthesia). •No invasive surgery (Flapless procedure) •Painless procedure with local anesthesia.

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Bruce and Joye Flood – Mouth Restoration Testimonial using MedToGo as my Medical Tourism Faciliator.

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Bruce and Joye Flood - Mouth Restoration Testimonial