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Victor Mabry - Rotator Cuff Surgery Testimonial

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My name is Victor Mabry, I am from Houston, Texas. I located MedToGo on the internet, found it to be a very good opportunity to get two surgeries that I needed done at a much reduced price than the American hospitals. Both my surgeries were rotator cuffs, pretty good tears. Going through MedToGo was convenient, it was easy I called and spoke to them about it. I did go through a hospital in Houston I was looking into and made my decision from there.

The Hospital was nice, very up to date, great facility it was good as any that I have seen in the states, it was better per patient care. Dr. Max made it a lot easier, loving to death, caring and did an excellent job on my shoulders. Debbie checked Dr.Greig online a little bit and he is board certified in the U.S.A and has some German background and some studies there, he said I put him to the test but he did a really good job. I stayed in a hotel, did the all inclusive so we didn’t have to worry about meals and extra prices, we were right on the beach so we had time to enjoy some of the nice scenery, get a little bit of sun before you go to the hospital.

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Janice Saridakis – Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery Testimonial using MedToGo as my Medical Travel Facilitator

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Janice Saridakis - Rotator Cuff Repair Testimonial