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Why MedToGo?

Why MedToGo?

MedToGo: The leading source of healthcare information to Mexico for North Americans since 2000

Simply put, when it comes to Medical Tourism in Mexico, there is no North American company with the credibility, reputation, and experience of MedToGo. Our physicians and health care coordinators have extensive, hands on experience working with doctors and hospitals throughout Mexico.

Discover Why MedToGo Should be your Choice for All Your Medical Tourism Needs

1) We began developing our network of Mexico’s finest doctors and hospitals from 2000
2) We have Conducted personal interviews and educational background checks on more than 700 Mexican doctors and inspecting over 80 private hospitals.
3) We spent 6 years researching the Mexican healthcare system before we referred our first patient for surgery in February of 2006.
4) As a result, if you decide to let MedToGo coordinate your surgery or medical service in Mexico, you can be assured that you will be working with the country’s finest doctors and institutions.
5) You will have also hired a team of U.S. physicians and health care and coordinators that will oversee your care and serve as your advocate while you are in Mexico. You will not be alone.
6) Your safety and peace of mind are our primary concern. Furthermore, we can offer you complete healthcare packages with up to 75% off the price of a comparable experience in the US-without a compromise in quality.

Your Investment

You do not pay extra to work with MedToGo. Were you to go directly to the same doctor to schedule the surgery, your cost would be the same as if you were to coordinate it through MedToGo. But if you hire MedToGo we will not only provide you with a selection of Mexico’s finest health care providers and coordinate your procedure, we will also be your advocates while you are abroad and not rest until have returned home.

Your Mexican hospital and doctor compensates MedToGo for marketing services, and MedToGo does not add additional fees to the cost of your package. MedToGo does not accept cash incentives or alterations in compensation from physicians or hospitals. This ensures that our recommendations are unbiased and based solely on our experience and quality assessment.

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I came here to Puerto Vallarta to have shoulder surgery. I’ve had constant dislocation for about 10 years or so. I never had insurance and finally it just went from bad to worse. Finally I just had enough, and I did some research. I found MedToGo. They hooked me up with Dr. Max and fixed me up.

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David Breen - Shoulder Dislocation Surgery Testimonial